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Involvement in Web Standards

I've accumulated a long record of being involved in grassroots advocacy in web standards and best web practices, including locally at Monash University, an early stint at Melbourne Web Accessibility Group, and and MACCAWS. I also helped out in small ways by reviewing articles produced by the W3C Quality Assurance Interest Group.

I have been an active member of the Web Standards Project since December 2002. Apart from being on the steering committee, my contributions variously included WaSP Learn and WaSP Asks W3C.

Recognising that education is an area that strongly needed more work and support, I joined the Education Task Force (eduTF) since its inception in 2005 and became part of its dynamic core team alongside April Siegfried, Holly Koltz and Rob Dickerson. Together, we accomplished interviews, open support via their IRC channel and begun working towards helping higher education and colleges define a more standards-oriented curriculum.

From mid-2006 until 2008, I co-led WaSP ILG with Glenda Sims, and established a dynamic, international group of translators and web standards advocates.

From 2008, I worked alongside Aarron Walter and a great team on developing WaSP InterAct, a living curriculum based on best web practices. Denise Jacobs and I co-wrote a course on project management for Interact in 2009. This activity has also led to my being one of the founding members of the Open Web Education Alliance, now an incubator group at the W3C.

Currently, I still lend the occasional hand to activities at WaSP, such as the upcoming resource for small businesses to help them hire qualified web professionals. From 2011 until early 2012, I was the founding Editor-in-Chief on Web Standards Sherpa, where we publish articles on practical techniques on best practices.